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Shire Estate

Located in West Lafayette, IN, near Bello Terra Golf Course, is a natural, rustic style, and sustainable loft townhouse designed for a young couple who will raise two children, then retire in the home. Rustic style is used throughout this home with elements of skyscape, flora, and stonework. The first floor has an open concept and is kept accessible in consideration of their future retirement needs. Many windows are used on each floor’s north and south face to allow easy ventilation; in addition, larger windows to the south to allow abundant natural light and warmth during daylight hours.  The second floor functions as a separate living area for the children and features separate bedrooms, a shared living room, and a kitchenette along with a railing that overlooks the first floor.. Closets on each floor can be converted into an elevator if necessary during the couple’s retirement. This arrangement encourages the family and guests to stay over after the kids move out. Light neutral tone vinyl with low VOC was chosen to replicate weathered wood elements throughout the flooring, ceiling, and cabinetry to highlight a rustic appearance using affordable, durable, and low maintenance materials. Light tan and blue fabrics with dark charcoal accents are used throughout the seating area to visualize elements of the sky and natural rustic style and also complement floral notes surrounding the home.

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