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Lake Shore Studio

Located in St. Augustine, FL, it is a simple, open-space, multi-function studio apartment designed for a graduate student that works from home. During the morning hours, her home transforms into an office to welcome clients, while during the day and weekends, her home transforms into a place where she can relax and have friends over. Then at night, her home transforms into two separate bedrooms. By combining elements of Calming, Clarity, and Creativity, it produces a relaxing but stimulating environment to allow the graduate student to study and work during the day, while allowing her to relax and sleep during the evening and night hours. Light neutral colors fill the walls and cabinets, while small amounts of black are applied to the furniture to offset the light tones in the space. The color blue is placed on the walls to represent the color of the ocean, while sand colored wood is placed on cabinets to represent the color of sand. Then hits of black wash over the furniture and flooring to represent black sand and rocks that are found on the beach. Windows are located on the south side to allow natural light in for cost efficiency during the day. Multifunction furniture is placed to allow for multiple space arrangements throughout the day, evening, and night hours. 

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