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Lake Shore Community Center

Located in St. Augustine, FL, is an open-space, multi-function community center designed for architect students. The space has a large lounge area with multiple seating arrangements, a conference room for meetings, a quiet work space, and a large grand kitchen that allows for events. By combining elements of Calming, Clarity, and Creativity, it produces a relaxing, but stimulating environment for the students to study and work, while also allowing them to lounge and grab a cup of coffee. Light neutral colors fill the walls, and cabinets, while small amounts of black apply to the furniture to offset the light tones in the space. The Color blue is placed on the furniture to represent the color of the ocean, while sand-colored tones are placed on the flooring to represent a sandy beach. Hints of black wash over the furniture and flooring to represent black sand and rocks that are found on the beach. Windows are located on every outer wall to allow natural

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