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Purdue University Small Animal Hospital

About Project

This was a group project redesigning Purdue University Vet clinic. My partner, Caitlin Stotler collected the information, and created the furniture arrangement. I produced the renderings and selected the materials and furniture. We collaborated together on the concept, and overall design. 

The Bodhi tree symbolizes the traditions, growth, and full of life that the Purdue vet clinic portrays. Famously known for roots showing, the tree represents the rooted traditions Purdue has established since the first class of 1959. Roots grow as they age. Purdue finding its roots and growing through the years resembles the Bodhi tree. The tree’s organic and curving roots becomes an inspiration to guide the design of the waiting room. The curves seen on the reception desk, ceiling, and the furniture reinforces the idea of its traditions as it branches out through the space reaching the patients. The radial shape resembles the space as full of life as veterinarians give life to the animals. The radiant sunrays flood the waiting room creating well-being, energetic, and healing power to the space.

Waiting Area Floor Plan


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