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New Beginnings


Located north of the city limits of San Francisco, California are the new offices of interior design firm CC’s Interiors. The firm recently remodeled after it’s days as an abandoned storage building. Elements of the sunrise are spread throughout the offices bringing new beginnings, hope, and life into the firm.  Refurbished wood from the abandoned storage unit is brought into the design firm connecting back to the existing building.  Blue, yellow, and grey bring a sunrise into the space, while the half circle connects back to the shape of a sunrise that provides a unique interior and lighting concept.

CC’s Interiors Layout

The interior design firm is separated into four main areas: the first floor is mainly for clients, the second floor is for the employees; the loft attached to the firm is the owner’s sanctuary; and the outdoor lounge area is for clients and employees to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful starry night sky.

First Floor Lighting Installation Narrative

When clients walk into the firm, the first impression will be the high 12 foot ceilings with LED recessed lights glazing the refurbished wood beams while providing ambient light throughout the space. The linear beams will draw the clients' eyes to the reception desk. Four slanted, subtle-detail LED pendants are located above the reception desk to provide task lighting for the employee and client. Linear LED surface mount fixtures are located under the toe kick and the transaction desk to highlight the reception desk, creating a focal point. Four suspended wave stream LED light fixtures are arranged in the waiting areas to create the illusion of one continuous light fixture that provides a focal point and ambient light to the space. Three LED shade pendants are located above the conference table to provide task and accent lighting, while recessed lighting is used to provide ambient lighting for the space. Natural daylight is a key factor, with large curtain walls surrounding the front of the building bringing an in abundance of daylight. At night, when daylight is absent, step lighting is used on the stairs to highlight the stairs. 

Private Office Elevation

Upstairs Entry Way Elevation

Second Floor Lighting Installation Narrative

When employees and clients walk upstairs, the step lighting will guide them along to the lounge/break area where recessed light is used along the space as ambient light. LED pendant lights are used above each table to create a more private area. The simple LED decorative pendants along with the suspended circular LED luminaires are used throughout the design area, creating a clean and high-end feel to the space while casting an abundance of ambient light for the workers. Curtain walls along the design area creates an abundance of natural light into the design area during the day, increasing employees' well being while saving energy. Decorative LED pendants are located over the private office desk for plentiful task lighting while creating a focal point. Dimmable LED recessed lighting surrounds the private office for plentiful ambient light when needed.

West Building Section

Exterior Lighting Installation Narrative

At dusk, architectural details are highlighted with an LED wall mount exterior glaze luminaire. The Sun-Rise in ground custom light fixture lights up the walkway, creating a safe and welcoming evening environment. In ground LED recessed light surrounds the exterior of the pond to compose a beautiful, reflective, cozy evening look. LED hanging pendants enclose the patio, creating a more private feeling in this voluminous space.

SunRise Fixture

The custom built Sun-Rise in ground fixture uses Eaton’s BB Arbor Bollard with the top enclosed in a delicate metal cylinder with circles subtracted from the metal casing to create a soft circle glow mimicking a sunrise. While providing appropriate accent lighting, the Sun-Rise in ground fixture will be placed along the walk path, lighting up the walkway during nightfall; casting a sunrise illusion when the sun has already set.

Lights Site Plan

Construction Documents

Presentation Board

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