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About Project

This was a group project designing an independent living center located in Lafayette, IN. My partner, Amanda Wegener collected the information and created the furniture arrangement. I produced the renderings and selected the materials and furniture. We collaborated together on the concept, and the overall design and poster layout. 


Flourish is a center for independent living that helps people thrive in an environment that supports their needs and opens doors to new opportunities. It is designed to provide stability and comfort to help them flourish independently, while strengthening a thriving community that can address their needs and interests. The core purpose of this space will be to come alongside people, to guide them as they face their individual challenges, and ultimately to empower them to overcome those struggles and push them towards success in finding jobs, living independently, and flourishing in meaningful interactions with the world around them.








Flourish resides in Lafayette, Indiana in the area of Main and Kossuth. As a low income area, (median household income $28,800, U.S. average $59,000) with 41% of people below the poverty line, there is an even greater need for support and resources for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their caretakers. These areas can suffer from  resource shortages, like educational opportunities, mental health treatment, and well maintained recreational facilities. Lafayette is in the planning stages of 5 Points, a revitalization project targeting a run down historic district. There are a few organizations in the area to partner with, including Lafayette Transitional Housing, which works with the homeless and the Excel Center, which assists in non-traditional educational needs. These groups would be ideal partners because they share in Flourish’s mission to address needs that are typically under serve in a low income communities. 



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Process Work


Dr. Collin Hobbs of Huntington University and Kristen Van Waters, RN, proved incredibly helpful in understanding the importance of indoor plant life and what potential risks they bring. Most of the risks in a health care setting would be for immunocompromised patients, pollen allergies, and aroma allergies. With careful plant selection and integrating proper care into the educational experience, these risks can be mitigated as well as develop a life and/or work skill. Plants in interior settings have many psychological benefits, from productivity to promoting a calming atmosphere.


Plant Life


Floor Plan



Outdoor Courtyard

The outdoor courtyard offers an opportunity for people to learn how to garden and care for a variety of plants. The walls surrounding the courtyard create a comfortable, safe place where people can come to relax and enjoy being close to nature


The training room will be used to demonstrate multiple cooking techniques and health lessons in order to ensure proper food safety is being conducted in the kitchen. Along with cleaning and machine operation lessons.



The studio is a flexible space for multiple uses. The skylights incorporate natural light into the space to create a connection back to nature.



The reception has an open space concept that invites people in. The simple and unique layout creates good way finding so people know exactly where to go.



The entrance provides a simple and clean look to avoid overstimulation. Large signage is clearly displayed over the front door entrance so people know exactly where to enter the building.


Design for ASD

Interviews with Dr. Rose Mason, Assistant Professor, Special Education, Purdue University revealed just how important stability, predictability, and soothing spaces are for those with ASD. They face certain challenges that can relate to certain communication and understanding social cues, and may need someone to come alongside them to push them towards a higher potential. It also became apparent how many stigmas are attached to those with autism, and we wanted to create a space that would help those faced with various challenges to defeat the impossible and conquer.




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