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Mason, Ohio Recreation Center

Come Relax and Make Friends in Your Community


Inspired by the beauty of the sky, the Mason, Ohio Recreation Center is the ideal place to come relax, interact with members of the community, and create new life moments. Recently renovated, Mason’s new community center is located in a suburb of Cincinnati, providing the community a place to gather for activities, work, and socialize. The large skylights throughout the community center allow members of the community to experience the full beauty of a sky during all seasons. The design features a cool tone color scheme to represent the sky, with plentiful plants adding elements of nature into the space. The finishes and materials emphasize the concept of the sky on a cloudy day or sunny day with their cool base tones and a mix of bright yellow to represent the sun shining in the sky.





Mason, Ohio sits on the largest urban area in the nation. With a busting economy Mason, Ohio has a large and growing  community that’s in need of a large multi-functional community center to bring the community closer.

Socialization and reconnecting with members of the community is an achievement a community center can make in Mason, Ohio.

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Cafeteria Section Cut

Poster Layout

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